Adidas is one of the most well known blank apparel and sportswear companies. Bulk Apparel is proud to have some of the best blank bulk polos, t-shirts, jackets and so much more from Adidas at wholesale pricing.

Adidas makes blank sportswear for men and women as well as wholesale bulk accessories. Whether you are looking for bulk blank backpacks, gym bags, or duffel bags Adidas has you covered. These Adidas wholesale blank accessories are high quality blank accessories which Adidas is known for. Here at Bulk Apparel you won't have to compromose wholesale prices with your Adidas products but still get the best in bulk sportswear.
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Adidas A230 Performance Sport Shirt
Adidas A324 3-Stripes Chest Sport Shirt
Adidas A514 Ultimate Solid Polo
Adidas A240 Heathered Sport Shirt
Adidas A402 Mélange Sport Shirt
Adidas A401 Lightweight Quarter-Zip Pullover
Adidas A376 Sport T-Shirt
Adidas A475 Lightweight Mélange Quarter-Zip Pullover
Adidas A482 3-Stripes Double Knit Quarter-Zip Pullover
Adidas A322 Cotton Blend Sport Shirt
Adidas A432 Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt
Adidas A480 Floating 3-Stripes Sport Shirt
Adidas A236 Merch Block Sport Shirt
Adidas A508 Heathered Colorblock 3-Stripes Sport Shirt
Adidas A231 Women
Adidas A515 Women
Adidas A450 Lightweight Hooded Sweatshirt
Adidas A372 Tech Tee
Adidas A280 Lightweight UPF pullover


Q: What blank Adidas items are good for the gym or any sport activity?

A: Adidas is very well known for their athletic apparel and sportswear so here at Bulk Apparel we have a lot of great options available for any sports activity. The Adidas A372 Tech tee is a customer favorite, made with 92/8 polyester/elastane with hydrophilic finish; this is great for those who are highly active. Adidas has plenty of athletic apparel available for men and women.

Q: Does adidas have blank accessories?

A: Yes, Adidas does offer plenty of blank accessories available for wholesale purchase. The Adidas A303 heathered backpack is a customer favorite and can be purchased at wholesale price here at Bulk Apparel.

Q: Is Adidas made in the USA?

A: No, Adidas products are not made in the USA, they are manufactured in Europe.