ML Kishigo

Bulk Apparel offers ML Kishigo for a wholesale price. Shop our complete line of ML Kishigo brand safety vests, black series clothing, and more, available in a variety of compliance styles. Bulk Apparel offers a wide range of high-visibility reflective workwear and worksite accessories for any type of construction worker. Keep your team safe and comfortable with our high visibility vests and can be used for any weather conditions. No matter what the job is, you can count on Bulk Apparel to bring products for any of your needs! Our 1193-1194 ML Kishigo is cost-friendly and can get the job done for those needing safety vests. It it 100% mesh material and can be layed over any short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt. It comes with a left chest pocket for any items you need stored away but kept at a close distance. Shop with Bulk Apparel today for blank high visibility vests in bulk! Read more +

Brand - ML Kishigo

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ML Kishigo 1085-1086 Ultra-Cool Mesh Vest with Pockets
ML Kishigo 1193-1194 Economy One Pocket Mesh Vest
ML Kishigo 1191-1192 Economy Six Pocket Mesh Vest
ML Kishigo 1519-1520 Class 2 Economy Vest with Zipper Front
ML Kishigo 1163-1164 Solid Front Vest with Mesh Back
ML Kishigo S5000-01 Professional Surveyors Vest
ML Kishigo B200-B204 Enhanced Visibility Contrast T-Shirt
ML Kishigo B120-B127 Enhanced Visibility Mesh Vest
ML Kishigo 9220 High Performance Polo
ML Kishigo JS102-103 Hi-Vis Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt
ML Kishigo 1055-1056 Ultra-Cool  Mesh Contrasting Vest
ML Kishigo 1513-1514 Black Series Heavy Duty Vest
ML Kishigo 2826-2827 Beanie
ML Kishigo JS130-131 Hi-Vis Jacket
ML Kishigo 9110-9111 High Performance Microfiber T-Shirt
ML Kishigo JS121-122 Economy Bomber Jacket
ML Kishigo 1242-1243 Ultra-Cool  Mesh Surveyor