Dyenomite is one of the newer brands that specializes in bulk wholesale blank and tye-dyed tess, hoodies and tank tops. The company crafts tie-dyed items for us all to come to know and love, that is why Bulk Apparel is proud to provide all of their quality bulk blank and dyed tees. Dyenomite is one of the largest dye houses in the United States, offering more than 400 colorways and dye patterns. They are constantly trying to create unique and innovative designs, using a plethora of dye techniques, consisting of tie-dye, neon colors, garment dying, pastel and subtractive colors. If you are looking for wholesle blank and dyed apparel made in the USA then you are in the right place. Bulk Apparel offers all of your wholesale Dyenomite needs at the best wholesale prices! Dyenomite have wholesale bulk apparel for men, women and chldren all her at Bulk Apparel. If you are looking for the perfect bulk blank and dyed apparel, without the mess or work, look no further than the Dyenomite options available at BulkApparel. Read more +
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Dyenomite 200CR Crystal Tie Dyed T-Shirts
Dyenomite 200CY Cyclone Pinwheel Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Dyenomite 200MS Multi-Color Spiral Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Dyenomite 650DR Dream T-Shirt
Dyenomite 680VR Blended Hooded Sweatshirt
Dyenomite 200SL Splatter Tee
Dyenomite 200TL Tilt Tie Dye Tee
Dyenomite 200MW Mineral Wash T-Shirt
Dyenomite 20BMS Youth Multi-Color Spiral T-Shirt
Dyenomite 640LM LaMer Over-Dyed Crinkle Tie Dye T-Shirt
Dyenomite 200TY Typhoon Tie-Dye Shirt
Dyenomite 200CC Contrast Cyclone T-Shirt
Dyenomite 200TI Tide Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Dyenomite 240MS Spiral Tie Dye Long Sleeve
Dyenomite 200RP Ripple Pigment Dyed T-Shirt
Dyenomite 650VRX Vintage Festival T-Shirt
Dyenomite 420MS Multi-Color Spiral Unisex Tank Top
Dyenomite 200T2 Multi-Color Cut-Spiral Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Dyenomite 640SB Shibori Tie Dye T-Shirt