Tie-Dye Bulk Blank Wholesale

Bulk Apparel offers tie-dye apparel that showcases vivid colored spirals, galaxy, and sunburst patterns to get your groove on. Tie-Dyed apparel is an unforgettable choice for your custom printing project, from mixes of kaleidoscopic colors to delicate mottling of tone-on-tone vintage wash. Dyenomite, J. America, Independent Trading Co., and many other brands are readily available for you to browse and purchase.


For your custom print project, embrace the unrestricted, artistic attitude of Tie-Dye brand products. The whirling hues create a stunning backdrop for your artwork. All of the shirts are made of high-quality cotton or a cotton/poly blend, ensuring that the printed item is comfortable and long-lasting.

Tie-dye garment is a nice alternative for staff uniforms at a colorful company with a lot of personalities, but it's also a great way to freshen up your wardrobe. End-users will like that stains seem to fade into the colored background, whether you choose a bright, vibrant tie-dye style or a somber, vintage shirt.
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Dyenomite 200CR Crystal Tie Dyed T-Shirts
Dyenomite 200CY Cyclone Pinwheel Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Dyenomite 200MS Multi-Color Spiral Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Dyenomite 650DR Dream T-Shirt
Sportsman SP450 Tie-Dyed Bucket Cap
Dyenomite 200SL Splatter Tee
J. America 8229 Game Day Jersey T-Shirt
Sportsman SP400 Tie-Dyed Dad Cap
Dyenomite 20BMS Youth Multi-Color Spiral T-Shirt
Dyenomite 640LM LaMer Over-Dyed Crinkle Tie Dye T-Shirt
Dyenomite 200TY Typhoon Tie-Dye Shirt
Colortone 1000 Multi-Color Tie-Dyed T-Shirt
Dyenomite 200TI Tide Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Dyenomite 240MS Spiral Tie Dye Long Sleeve
Dyenomite 200RP Ripple Pigment Dyed T-Shirt
Independent Trading Co. PRM50PTTD Tie-Dyed Fleece Pants

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Frequently Asked Questions For Tie-Dye Wholesale Apparel

Q: What is tie dye?

A: Tie dye is a process of tying and dyeing fabric into patterns.

Q: What fabric should I use for tie-dye?

A: The fabric most commonly used is 100% cotton though you can also use silk.

Q: Can I tie dye for a DIY Project?

A: Yes, you can purchase the blank t-shirts and sweatshirts from us and do tie-dye from the comfort of your own home!