Mineral wash garments are generally easy to print with regular plastisol ink. Normal curing times apply. Mineral Wash garments do not discharge.

*The main thing to be aware of when printing on Mineral Wash Garments is the possibility of dye migration as well as unwanted ink (pin holes, finger prints, etc.) cannot be blown out and removed with spot remover guns.

Spot remover guns will remove the mineral wash color on the garment as well as often leave a ring on the garment.

Always test mineral wash garments for dye migration. A grey blocker can be used. Remember dye migration can appear several days after the print has been cured.

Mineral washes sit on top the garment in contrast to reactive and garment dyes which saturate the fabric. Pigments thus tend to wash away quicker giving the more vintage look. It is always suggested that mineral wash garments be washed with like colors.

Washing a printed sample garment is recommended to be sure you have proper curing and ink adhesion.

*ALWAYS consult your ink supplier for the right ink, cure temperatures, and curing time. Then run your own test sample(s)