TIPS FOR SUCCESS Snap tape result in a soft, smooth closure and you can keep them that way by following these guidelines.

Melting Point – 332° F/ 167° C

The melting point for plastic snaps is 332° F / 167° C. Typical screen print inks cure at 320° F degrees (160° C). When using higher temperatures than typical screen print curing, we recommend the snap tape section of the garment is folded under, covered, or snapped prior to entering the dryer.

Do not place in heat press with snaps open under press.

The scoop on dyeing

Snap tape products have the ability to garment dye (direct or reactive) or tie dye. All testing shows crock level passing at 4.5. LAT recommends customers perform crock tests specific to their dye supplies and process.

Care Instructions – easy does it

Do not iron directly on snaps.